Dr. Sheila has moved her practice to a brand new location! YXE Family Chiropractic!

#10 - 3902 Millar Ave, Saskatoon, Sk S7P0B1


Serving Families in Saskatoon and Area

Dr. Sheila has a passion for providing Chiropractic Care during pregnancy, infancy and childhood. 

Dr. Sheila's Bio

Dr. Sheila Bonnett obtained her Bachelor of Science in the field of Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan. She then attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX and graduated with honors in 2008. Following a Chiropractic Pediatric internship in Australia, Dr. Sheila started practicing in Saskatoon in 2009.

Dr. Sheila and her husband Boris have welcomed three amazing daughters into their family. Lily, Claire and Emily keep their lives and hearts full of magic and sparkle. And copious amounts of glitter, glue, and stickers!

She brings her personal experiences of motherhood to the care of families in her practice, and takes special interest in dealing with birth trauma. Dr. Sheila practices prenatal techniques to promote physiologic birth experiences for both mother and infant.

Dr. Sheila lives a very full life balancing family, self care, responsibilities and play! She maintains an active lifestyle with her family with camping, travel and she loves teaching her kids how to cook nutritious food. In her downtime, she enjoys reading and she has a deep love of quilting! Dr. Sheila has been described as a hippie, an old soul and a firecracker – and she agrees wholeheartedly.

A passion for Chiropractic sparked within Dr. Sheila from a very young age. A sports related injury first introduced her to the wonders of this lifestyle and she was soon awe struck by the magic of what the human body can do when it is free of subluxations or interference to the nervous system. The fundamentals of innate intelligence resonated with Dr. Sheila as young girl, and she was delighted to embark on this journey when Chiropractic called to her. Thus far, the journey has surpassed even her wildest expectations!

“I am always humbled and grateful for the privilege to lay my hands on the tiniest infant, or the swell of a mothers belly and feel the magical movement within.”

Chiropractic Services for the Entire Family

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Sheila has a passion for providing Chiropractic Care that is evident when you visit her.  She enjoys checking and adjusting people of any age - from minutes old to the golden years!  She is experienced in pediatric care, pregnancy care, and postpartum care, where her personal experiences as a mother of three come in extra handy! 

Dr. Sheila utilizes a variety of techniques within her practice including:

Gentle and Specific Techniques for Infants and children

Torque Release Technique - instrument style adjusting technique

Pregnancy Specific Techniques

Manual Diversified Adjusting

Thompson Drop Assisted Techniques

She carefully selects an adjusting style that you are comfortable with that will benefit your body and nervous system so that you and your family may experience improved function and vitality from being free of subluxation!

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As of July 2018, Dr. Sheila will be returning to her Chiropractic Practice in a brand new location!

YXE Family Chiropractic offers many services including online booking and direct billing to most major insurance companies. 

YXE Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

#10 - 3902 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0B1 Canada


YXE Chiro is NOW OPEN!

Dr. Sheila Bonnett and Dr. Kim Baker co-founded YXE Chiro in 2018. Our mission was to create a welcoming environment for families in Saskatoon and area to access Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture.  We are excited to welcome you to our new space!